Policy Objective

Information Technology strives to provide campus technology resources to support the necessary and appropriate needs of Staff, Faculty, and Students.

Usage Guidelines

The usage guidelines below outline the proper usage of campus technology resources. Violation of any of these guidelines can result in the termination of user account, network privileges, and/or any applicable disciplinary actions as out lined by the University’s Faculty, Staff, and Student policy handbooks.

Inappropriate Usage

    • Any illegal transfer of copyrighted materials.
    • Browsing of sites that offer or promote materials that violate the ethical, professional, and Christian ideals covered in the Faculty, Staff, and Student Policy Handbooks.
    • The improper and/or excessive use of campus networking resources for the purpose(s) of promoting, soliciting, or operating an Internet or traditionally based business that deals in either legal or illegal goods or services.
    • The introduction of non-standard or non-approved networking equipment or practices into the University environment. (Including routers, switches, hubs, etc.)
    • Any interaction using campus technology resources that is deemed inappropriate by the Leadership Team or other campus administrators. (Bullying, etc.)
    • Theft or vandalism of any physical hardware that is Judson-owned. (Including, but not limited to, monitors, keyboards, mice, CPUs, cabling, switches, access points, wall ports, telephones, etc.)

Copyrighted Materials

Judson University does not condone, or in any way support, the illegal copying or distribution of any copyrighted materials. These activities constitute theft, and as such, will not be tolerated in any form or for any reason. Any individual who knowingly or willfully violates this policy, or aids another individual in the violation of this policy, will be subject to the full and complete disciplinary actions documented under the campus’ standard policy guidelines.

Internet Content Filtering

Judson University’s Internet has content filtering. Filtering may be imposed on Internet sites that contain:

  • Offensive sexual content, photos, or art that depict the human body in a demeaning, non-God honoring, or inappropriate manner.
  • Hate language or materials that are deemed offensive to a given race, ethnic group, or gender.
  • Gambling or other types of gaming activities.
  • Access to torrent websites, which provide access to pirated software, music, movies, and copyrighted materials.

Advisory Concerning Online Publishing

Students are reminded that any content published on the internet on social media outlets, blogs, forums, etc. are public information. The content published on these that describe or document behavior that are brought to the attention of the University and which reasonably suggest that behavior violating University policy has taken place is subject to further investigation and verification. Any University policy violations that are documented as a result of such an investigation will result in appropriate disciplinary action.

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