1. Download the Sefaira_for_SketchUp.zip file from this website
  2. When the following window opens, click Save As and set the save location to the "Documents" folder

  3. After it downloads, open the "Documents" folder
  4. Double-click the “Sefaira_for_SketchUp” folder
  5. Right-click the Sefaira_for_SketchUp.rbz file and click Copy

  6. Paste the file anywhere other than the original folder it's located (i.e. the desktop)
  7. Open SketchUp 2015
  8. Click Window from the menu and then click Preferences
  9. From the menu on the left, click Extensions

  10. Click Install Extension... in the bottom left
  11. Find the .rbz file you copied to a new location and click Open
  12. When the following window opens, click Yes

  13. Another window will pop up saying “The selected Extension has been successfully installed and is now available for your use.” and a Sefaira Plugin Sign In window should also open which indicates that the installation is complete

If you need further assistance, let us know. Click the new ticket button in the bottom left and we'll help you out!