Upon first login, please follow the directions on the quickstart guide.

To update voicemail greetings:

Log in to the voicemail

Press 0 for Mailbox Options

Either press 1 to record a new unavailable greeting or press 4 to set a Temporary Greeting (vacation or time off)

Follow the directions to record and set a temporary greeting.

When you are back from vacation, you'll need to go back into Mailbox Options

Then press 4 to get back to Temporary Greetings and press 2 to Erase the Temporary Greeting.

To check your voicemail off campus, dial your own number and wait for voicemail to kick in.

Once you reach your voicemail and you hear your greeting push * and then your password. This will get you into your voicemail.

If you need further assistance, let us know. Click the new ticket button in the bottom left and we'll help you out!