For all options, it is recommended that the files are saved to the computer, and then uploaded to WebPrint.

  1. Start by logging into papercut by going to the following website:
  2. Go to the webprint tab shown below


     3. That will bring up the page below where you will click on submit a job.


      4. After then, you will select whether you want the print in color, or black & white, and 1 or 2 sided. If you are printing 8.5X11, please use the "Letter" option. If you are wanting to print to 11x17 please use the option labeled              "Tabloid". After picking, then click print options and account selection.  


      5. On the next screen select how many copies are needed and then click upload documents.


      6. Next, either select upload from computer, or drag the file and drop it down. Once this is uploaded, then click on upload & complete.


     7. After clicking upload & complete, this will provide you with a status of the print. Then you will need to go to one of the printers on campus to release the print.

If you need further assistance, let us know. Click the new ticket button in the bottom left and we'll help you out!