1. Before printing, open the Printer Properties
  2. Click the Basic tab
  3. Click the drop down menu under “Output Method” and click Secure Print
  4. Click User Settings...
  5. Create a Secure Print ID and Password and remember these credentials for later
  6. Once you have entered an ID and password, click OK 
  7. Click OK to close the Printer Properties box and then click Print
  8. At the printer, log in using your PIN or with Public User Access
  9. Press the User Box button (middle button directly below the screen)
  10. Press the System User Box tab
  11. Press Secure Document User Box and then press Use/File
  12. Enter your Secure Print ID and press OK
  13. Enter your password and press OK
  14. Press the job(s) you want to print (it will highlight green when selected) and then press Print
  15. Select any settings for the print job and then press the blue Start button

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