1. In the app you'd like to print from, tap the Share icon
  2. Tap Open in another App

  3. Open it in the PrinterOn app

  4. If you don't need to change the printer or the number of copies to print, tap Print

    • Be sure to change the printer in accordance with what you're printing. There are options for single- and double-sided as well as B/W and color. Your print account will be charged accordingly based on the printer you choose to print to.

    • If you need to change the number of copies, tap to change the number.

  5. This will pop up on the screen when your print job is submitted:

  6. If you open the print history, you will see this:

  7. And when the job successfully is sent to the printer, you'll see this:

  8. If you tap the print job, you can see the details for that specific job:

  9. Now you can release the print job from any Konica Minolta printer/copier

    • If you printed something with color, make sure to release it at a printer that has color printing capabilities. (Here's a list of which labs have color printers.)

If you need further assistance, let us know. Click the new ticket button in the bottom left and we'll help you out!